What is FBSM? Why is it different?

body sensual massage

FBSM is a full body sensual massage. These massages are slightly different than normal and may not be preferred by all kinds of people. These sensual massages are mostly focused on stimulating the most sensitive part of the body- the skin. They kindle the erogenous zones of the body which are the secondary sexual parts- the phallus, mouth, vagina and anus. You are guaranteed to have experienced multiple orgasms by the end of the session. An orgasm is known to be extremely invigorating to both body and soul. The endorphins released when you experience an orgasm are similar to when you eat your favorite food. You will be filled with joy, excitement and complete and utter relaxation. An orgasm helps in relieving the pressure on body and all the mental stress you experience daily will be unlocked and you will feel yourself feeling lighter and easier to breathe.

We need to endure many battles before we progress to the next level. And these battles are necessary to be fought and to win as the wisdom we take from them will help us navigate our entire lives and aids in helping others. The battles might be long and hard or short and quick paced. But everyone has their own battle and raging wars.

The harder we try to succeed and prosper, the less we think about ourselves. In the twenty-first century, our digitalized world offers little to no amount of freedom to connect with ourselves. FBSM helps in reconnecting our body to our spirit.


Full body sensual massage

Moreover, the full body sensual massage is pretty cheap and hence, easily available. It is present all over the world. London is a pretty good place to experience this and so is Kerala. These massages do not usually include intercourse and are restricted to the rigorous stimulation of skin.

FBSM areusually preferred over all other types of massages since it acts on all the parts of the body and the best part? It provides you with numerous orgasms. Unlike the tantric massage which solely focuses on the erogenous zones, this massage helps in relieving pressure from both muscles and skin while simultaneously providing you with pleasure. You will feel all the knotted muscles on your shoulders unraveling and it transfers you in to a sub space. Once you undergo this massage, you can now get back to your daily tasks with a renewed sense of determination and joy.